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I'm a solo game maker based in Michigan. I do it all: the graphics, soundtrack, code, concept, etc.

I'm a big fan of NES-era pixel art and music. I like my games to embrace that style without feeling limited by it. To tie it all together, I write authentic chiptune soundtracks for my games.

I've been doing all this since 2014. I release my games to and Steam.

you can check out my existing games on the next page. follow me on twitter for updates on upcoming projects!


All of my currently-released games are available on and Steam!


Released 10/1/2021 - PC, macOS, Linux, Android

A monster-bashing adventure game featuring a big interconnected map full of cryptids, secrets, and more! Find 40 different monster types and whack 'em with your baseball bat!

Binky's Trash Service

Released 1/16/2021 - PC, macOS, Android

A simple, floaty, speedrun-centric platformer where you operate a door-to-door garbage collection service for evil lairs. The game utilizes only three buttons (←, → & JUMP) to perform a handful of moves, such as dashing, wall jumping and back flipping. The simple controls and time trial incentives make for a fun and comfortable speedrun-friendly game.

Pyro Fighters

Released 5/15/2020 - PC, macOS

A side-scrolling space shooter with low-gravity platforming physics. Use your flame gun to propel yourself in the air and fight through an alien army with up to four players.

Much in the tradition of classic shmups and bullet-hells, the game loops after the last level and increases in difficulty. You can start a playthrough from any loop you have reached.

Space Cat

Released 12/2/2016 - PC, macOS

A 2D arcade-style platformer where the player must collect as much loot as possible while surviving an onslaught of missiles and bombs threatening to knock you off the stage.

There is also a side-scrolling Adventure Mode, and a VS Battle Mode. Every mode in the game can be played with up to four players.